16:00 - 17:00
Christopher Raphael
Indiana University
The Informatics Philharmonic
I discuss my ongoing work in creating a computer system that plays the role of musical accompanist in a non-improvisatory composition for soloist and ensemble. This application simulates a concerto-like setting for a live soloist, allowing the soloist to *lead* an interactive real-time audio synthesis of the accompanying ensemble, ranging from single piano to full orchestra. The main components of the system are a HMM-based listening module that follows the soloist's progress through the musical score, and a Kalman-filter-like model that allows the system to adapt to expressive timing and predict. I will provide a live demonstration as well as showing various examples of what is "under the hood." Examples can be heard at http://music.informatics.indiana.edu/~craphael/info_phil/
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