13:20 - 2:20 (Posters and Demos)
Noah Liebman
Northwestern, Shure
Partial Loudness as an Aid for Multitrack Mixing
Current Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software uses waveforms to visualize audio during the multitrack mixing process. While audio engineers use waveforms as a proxy for loudness, they often do not accurately reflect how loud a track sounds in the context of other tracks. This is largely because one sound source can suppress the apparent loudness of another, a phenomenon known known as frequency masking. The loudness of a sound source in the presence of another is known as partial loudness. This work applies computational models of partial loudness [Glasberg and Moore, 2002; Ward, Athwal, and Kokuer, 2013] to visualizations to be used by mix engineers. By interfacing with a DAW, we show the partial loudness of each track over time and update them as users modify the mix. We also make frequency masking visually salient.
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