Emeritus includes students who previously worked in the lab.

Zafar Rafii

Ph.D. 2014

Zafar Rafii received a Master of Electrical Engineering from Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Electronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA) in France and from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. In France, he worked as a research engineer at Audionamix (aka Mist Technologies). His current research interests include signal processing, machine learning and cognitive science. He is now a research engineer at Gracenote. Here is his website

Zhiyao Duan

Ph.D. 2013

Zhiyao Duan is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Rochester. He started his PhD in the Interactive Audio Lab under the supervision of Prof. Bryan Pardo from 2008, and successfully graduated in 2013. During his time in the lab, he worked on multiple projects, including multi-pitch estimation and streaming, audio-score alignment, and Soundprism. His webpage at Rochester can be found here.

Jinyu Han

Ph.D. 2012

Jinyu Han is a research engineer at Gracenote, focusing on digital content analysis, automatic content recognition and audio fingerprinting. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2012 from Northwestern University. He has developed speech software for Orange Lab Beijing, France Telecom. His research interests lie primarily in the interdisciplinary area of machine learning, signal processing, music information retrieval and their applications to multimedia signal. .

Mark Cartwright

Ph.D. Candidate

Mark Cartwright is postdoc at NYU. He received an B.Mus in Music Technology from Northwestern University, a M.A. in Music, Science and Technology from Stanford University (CCRMA), and a PhD in Computer Science from Northwestern University in 2016. His research is focused on the creation of new user interfaces and tools for music production and includes domains such as music information retrieval, digital signal processing, machine learning, and human computer interaction. He is a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and plays bass guitar and electronics with Chicago 3-piece, volcano!.

Kristen Amaddio

Undergraduate Student

Kristen is a senior computer science major at Northwestern University. She is developing a program that automatically transcribes uploaded or recorded melodies into sheet music. Kristen enjoys playing both piano and percussion. Her passion for music and technology inspired her to build a project to integrate the two disciplines. In her free time, Kristen arranges and records music, goes hiking, and plays video games.

Corey Grief

Masters Student

Corey is a master's student studying computer science at Northwestern University. He is interested in creating new tools and interfaces to facilitate music production for everyone. His current project is a tool that converts a user's beatboxing into real drum beats. Apart from coding, he likes to play soccer and video games, and plays horn in various Northwestern ensembles.